Peddlers of Death

Guns are an addiction exclusive only to America. Boasting the most guns and gun related deaths of any country, the US still remains surprisingly backwards in gun legislation. Even in the wake of mass shootings, gun sales remain elevated, sometimes even surging upwards. It still remains unclear as to why anyone would require a civilian version of a military grade firearm. Fun, yes, but practical, absolutely not. But even though 10,000 americans a year are murdered with guns, lobbies like the NRA prevent even gun research from passing. The NRA directly profits off weapons, and has used a variety of arguments to ensure that the US remains a cesspool of violence. The most common arguments used against any kind of gun legislature are the second amendment, home defense, Switzerland and a defense against government tyranny.

Government tyranny is an excuse often used to justify the ownership of military grade weaponry and the formation of right wing paramilitary groups. The idea behind this is if the government becomes tyrannical we will have the ability to fight them and regain our freedom. On paper it makes perfect sense; the citizens train to be citizen soldiers, and stockpile weapons to ensure a free democracy reigns. The constitution also supports this as it affirms the right of militia members to own arms. In real life, the quasi military formations created by far right wingers are completely unnecessary. The National Guard is a state run militia that essentially ensures the states will be able to combat the Federal Government in the event of tyranny. The National Guard is far better equipped, organized and disciplined than any other unofficial militia. So why don’t these people join the National Guard? An organization that not only ensures liberty, but that helps support citizens in the wake of natural disasters. I have absolutely no clue as to what the answer to that question is, but I suspect that these unofficial militias have more to do with having an excuse to play with guns and pretending to be soldiers than they do with actually helping people. Besides better alternatives, the unofficial militias and military grade gun ownership is unpractical. Let us imagine the the government does indeed turn tyrannical, and the national guard are somehow in league with the wily government or maybe incapacitated. How on earth are a few hundred unofficial militias going to do against the United States Military? There are nearly two million troops in the military, not to mention a veritable fleet of aircraft, warships, and drones. Having membership in a militia or owning a rifle that spits out some puny 5.56 rounds from a tacticool 50 round drum is not going to save anyone from a hellfire missile launched from a drone that levels a house. Of course there is the argument that the drone operators, pilots, seaman, and soldiers will refuse to attack their homeland. However, the government would not tell the troops they are marching off to kill their family members in cold blood, they would tell them they are off to quell a small rebellion of people willing to kill their families. Also, it is completely unclear why a tyrannical government would even bother fighting some small militias. A few SWAT teams would be more than enough to disarm some unruly citizens. All in all, militias and military weapons would be absolutely useless in fighting any kind of tyrannical government. Just join the national guard.

A more logical and more often used defense of gun ownership and a favorite argument of the NRA is self defense. The NRA loves pointing at crowds of gunned down people and saying, “their only mistake was not having a gun”. But even if everyone carried a firearm, crime would not go down, but probably spike. It would probably lead to more crimes of passion than anything positive. If you were to drive up to a friends house and find your spouse in bed with said friend, the urge to use that tool of “self defense” would probably be overwhelming. Sure, maybe a few mass shootings would be a bit less massive because the shooter was stopped in their tracks, but crime would most certainly rise and collateral damage would to. For example, if a few people in the Orlando Club had a gun, and the shooter enters and starts spraying, the shots fired in return could easily miss and hit more people. In such a confusing environment, it would easily become unclear to who is defending and who is perpetrating the shooting, and a massacre could devolve into a full on multi-sided firefight, in which more people could be killed. In the case of home defense, I will cede that perhaps a pistol is necessary depending on where you live, but a rifle most certainly is not. Besides being unmaneuverable in a house, a rifle also sports a much more powerful round. A round through a wall or a window could easily end up killing a family member or neighbor. Hollow point rounds fired from a pistol completely negate this, as they will fragment upon impact with just about anything, and will probably  leave a fist size hole in the exit wound of your adversary. A rifle would do just that, and could still go through a wall and blow the head off a kid. But this is worst case scenario, I would recommend not killing home intruders, but just calling the police, most home invaders are looking for some form of valuable, not someone to murder, as that carries a far heftier punishment. A knowledge in martial arts, and maybe a knife or club should be enough to scare off a home intruder, as most would rather run than potentially be thrown in jail. Killing an intruder could also pose a legal issue, depending on the state you live in.

The second amendment of the Constitution is seen widely as a support for gun ownership. The second amendment affirms that all members of  the well regulated militia have the right to bear arms. 10 U.S. Code § 311 states that the militia consists of all men ages 17-45 and all women in the national guard. Technically, this means that anyone above the age of 45 does not have the right to bear arms along with most women. We have to keep in mind that at the time of the founding fathers, there was no professional army. The army consisted of the citizenry (the militia) who would be called upon in times of war. Essentially, the second amendment is saying that a well regulated militia to protect the free state should have the right to bear arms. It has nothing to do with owning guns because you want them or because you like them, it only ensures the right to bear arms so that, when called upon, the citizenry will have weapons to bring to war. It is more in line with what Switzerland has: only militia members can own guns that are issued by the government. The second amendment has been completely misinterpreted and used as a tool to peddle death.

Incidentally, Switzerland is often cited by gun owners as an example of high gun ownership gone right to justify America’s lack of laws. This is in complete ignorance of Swiss gun laws. The Swiss maintain a real militia, not the quasi militias full of gun enthusiasts, where males are trained at the age of 20 and are part of the militia till 30. For this period of time, they are issued a government weapon, but no ammunition, which can only be acquired in times of emergency. Acquiring a gun for personal use is the same as the US: ID, background check, and residence. Militia weapons may be acquired after a militia member leaves the militia at age 30. This seems very similar to the US, except for one key difference: ammunition. Ammunition in the US has no restrictions. It is practically handed out like candy, walk into the gun store, and you can walk out with a box of fresh rounds, no questions asked. Switzerland, on the other hand, requires a valid permit for the firearm, only allows you to buy ammo for the owned gun, and requires all things needed to buy a firearm. Rounds can also be bought at ranges, but they all must be used before exiting the range. A common criminal practice in the US is to steal a firearm or have a family member hand it off, file off the serial number, and then head to the gun store to pick up some ammo. A practice like this simply wouldn’t work in Switzerland as ammo is impossible to buy without proof of ownership for a specific gun. Switzerland is far safer in terms of gun laws than the US.

My personal vision for the US is a Swiss like state. Where ammo is heavily regulated, and military grade firearms are only government issued, and cannot be privately owned. Where there are no “unofficial militias” only the official militia and the national guard. Instead of  a professional army we should have a draft (more on that later) made up of militia members. All males and females should be required to train in the militia, this will probably foster a sense of real patriotism in the American community and perhaps a greater respect for human life. Gun owners are right, Switzerland is the perfect place of guns gone right, but they are wrong if they think the US is anything like Switzerland.


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