Friend pt. 3

I’ve often thought about the nature of our individualistic and capitalist society. We are encouraged to go our own ways, to take our own course, alone. High school friends are made to be lost it seems, doomed before they begin. I hate it, what good is a career you love and a sustainable income if you wish you were dead because of loneliness? We shed friends like skin, they flake away as life changes, and new ones emerge. The weathering of college, careers, spouses, and finally children too often prove to be the death of friends. We are told to go our separate ways, without people by our side. I sometimes wish planes and cars never existed (no longass DMV wait times), so we would have to stick with our childhood friends. Friends forever by your side, from birth to death.

I love you more than I have loved anyone (not saying much, considering my history of love), and I want to always love you through the wear and weathering of life. I fear the day of parting with you, to never be seen again. But I will trust life to see to it that our paths collide once more. I wish to hold onto you, dear friend, and never let go, through the worst of life, and through the best of life.


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