New Years Day

Oh 2016.

It was supposed to be a year of absolutes. I was sure of my goals and how I would achieve them, but life has a funny way of working. My world is more confused now. You know, just the other day I wished to talk to someone from school, so of course, the next day, I randomly met an old classmate at a Chinese restaurant half an hours drive from our school. Curious. Life will certainly grant your wishes, just not in the way you want.

We act like 2017 is going to be different from 2016. We put on big celebrations for the new year, but the truth is, tomorrow is still tomorrow. January first. It just so happens that January first is the first day of the calendar year. Just as life is a continuum, the earth moves smoothly in a circle around its star, each point retraced a year later, one rotation later. Every day is a new years day. We can divide our lives into decades, decades into years, years into months, months into weeks, weeks into days, days into hours, hours into minutes, minutes into seconds. Does it matter? That tomorrow is 2017? Nope. Life goes on. I am certainly not changing anything just because tomorrow is a new year. I’m changing (maybe/probably not) because tomorrow is tomorrow, and tomorrow is a new day, just like any other. Do I care that it’s 2017 tomorrow? Not really. If I wake up magically feeling different, then I’ll say otherwise. But I have a feeling half of the first day of 2017 will pass over my blanketed head, and the rest will fly by as I sit, wondering how the hell I managed to waste another day doing nothing.


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