Friendly Waters

She calls me a friend
She calls me the most important
She tells me she loves me
Sweet whispered nothings
Would be preferable to cold text
She wants to be wanted
But she doesn’t wish to be needed
Perhaps she does
I don’t know it

To be close, you must be distant
To be distant means you are close
At the heart of every hurricane
Is the calm Eye of the Storm
To brave tortured waters
You must know when the vessel is sinking
When the pumps can no longer cope
When your rudder snaps
When the sails get ripped free
By the awesome power of the storm

To retreat
And return with redoubled effort
Is a stratagem worth noting
For what good will you have done
By reaching the wall of the eye
Only to be swallowed by black waters
As a lonely man on the mast
Watches the world fade away
Tastes the sweet touch of calm waters
Feels the warmth of the sun
Upon his fingertips
Which slide beneath loving eddies
And tender ripples
Too little, too late.



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