Having a blog is rather therapeutic. In recent days I have forgotten that. An hour ago I was lonely, horribly sad, wanting to hurt myself, wanting to hurt other people and feeling abjectly awful, a collection of feelings that seems to come around more often than not. I would appreciate if a few of the items on that list were switched out, if only for variety’s sake. WordPress is the best kind of therapist. I type my problems into a text box, click publish, and suddenly feel much better. Then, my readers probably absorb my problems, so the system needs a little bit of tinkering.

I had a bit of a problem. Of course, most of my difficult problems are of the social variety. People are, unfortunately, rather complicated. I’m a fairly simple guy, probably have a gear or two less than the rest of the herd. That’s not to say I’m stupid, as you probably thought, but just that I’m simple. I want simple things, I like simple things, and I hate how everything has to be so complicated. It’s alright though, I have some idea now what I have to do. As it would turn out, all my problems are of the same variety. Everything traces back to my life. I figure I should fix myself up, because most people don’t want to do it for me. A jolly good idea, I’ll say, but one that I’ve been struggling with for my whole life.

This damn year has been crazy, and it’s only been a month.


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