I’ve been writing less and less, but only on this blog. After putting as much angst on a blog, I now feel obliged to put only depressed teenage content, but the issue now is that I’m pretty content with my life (that’s TWO different uses of content in one sentence). Who would’ve thought my issue would involve my enjoyment of life? Anyhow, I have mostly begun to focus on my photo blog (cough link is on my homepage cough) as it allows me to combine my two favorite hobbies: photography and sarcastic humor. But fear not, I will continue to write on this blog, I just need to put a little more thought into it. Maybe I will fulfill my lifelong dream of 3 months and start writing stories here.

Also, I hate the url of this blog beyond belief. Though I guess you can’t have everything perfect.


I flew above the clouds
Searching for Heaven.

It sank beneath the waves
To be sentineled by sharks.

I danced upon the road of sin
To find my good intentions,

Frolicking in the flickering fires of Hell.


There is a certain air of expectation that hangs above the glinting wing of an aeroplane at sunset. Perhaps it is the finality of a spent day fading into darkness whilst a future still exists to soar above the clouds upon twin wings, far off from memories of hurt and want.  Whether I fly into yesterday or tomorrow is irrelevant; it only matters that I am leaving today.