One day
It seemed the world
Turned its back on me

My future,
A hazy mess
When seen through the tears
That often cover my eyes.

My friends…
Where to begin?
Every time I think
I break down.





Breathes of Life

When fresh air
Becomes stale
Stale air can seem fresh and
Poisoned air, exciting.

Only when your chest is constricted
And you lie hunched against a wall
Tears streaming down, staining the floor
Will you realize what you gave up

For this.

Perhaps I spent so much time breathing stale air
That I forgot the taste of moist morning fogs
Forgot the sound of rumbling storms
The sting of crisp blue mornings

And lost myself in thick billowing gas.

Nice to have been meeting you

I am overthinking this

“Rotation” she said.
They are orbits
Around a changing person
I understand now.

I once knew a girl, in fact
I knew her twice.
Today, I met another girl
for the second time.

Spinning and whirling around,
The god Janus
Would be proud
But with old ends come new beginnings.

No face is the same
No gate can be identical
The past looks to the end
The future, to the beginning
And so the planets twirl, around a changing sun.

Girls and Boys

There was once a girl
Who wrote of being bound by the stars
Yet we were not bound by stars

There was once a boy
Who sought to defy
The creed of stars

There was once a girl
Who tried to save a boy
From herself

There was once a boy
Who read sweet nothings
And refused to be saved

And now they are both
Except from each other

Perhaps she
Needed not to save others
But only herself

Perhaps he
Needed to save her
But tried to save himself

Or perhaps
They are better off
Living in a trail of destruction